Garlic Barrier news.

Garlic Barrier range updated, upgraded and rebranded.

Since their launch some five years ago the Solufeed Garlic Barrierâ„¢ range of natural, garlic-based products have enjoyed great success and acquired an ever-increasing number of satisfied and regular customers. During this time product development has also continued relentlessly resulting in a number of technical, commercial and marketing innovations. Formulations have been optimised and the four key products have been re-branded to align better with market needs. We are pleased to introduce the new range to you.



Encourages healthy, vigorous plant growth* When applied in a programme of leaf sprays, Garlic Barrierâ„¢ Foliar creates conditions conducive to healthy plant growth mitigating the negative effects of stress. Suitable for all crops including those grown to organic standards.

A Garlic Barrier product, formally marketed as Aston Garberry, Aston Garshield, Bugzof and Fungzof.


A natural organic plant invigorator Applied to the soil/rootzone, Anthyllis creates conditions which promote healthy root and shoot growth and plant productivity. In turn the debilitating effects of stress are minimised. Suitable for all crops including those grown to organic standards.


For healthy resilient turf, naturally** Suitable for all types of turf including lawns, sports fields and other amenity areas. Applied as a spray programme, Turf Energizer creates conditions where healthy grass growth is promoted. The harmful effects of stress are thereby mitigated.

A Garlic Barrier product, formally marketed as Aston Turf and Turf Care.


An organic approved wound and grafting sealer. Simply applied with a brush, Garlic Barrierâ„¢ Pruning Paint is an organic, approved wound and grafting sealer derived from, fresh, natural and concentrated garlic extract. Contains high levels of selenium, sulphur and allicin.

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