Garlic Wonder Rabitof

Garlic Wonder Rabitof a natural barrier that encourages resistance to rabbits, deer, crows, pigeons and geese. It can be used on all garden plants.

Garlic Wonder Rabitof  is a natural feed and barrier against rabbits, deer, crows and pigeons, it can be used on all garden plants and lawns.   Garlic Wonder is a plant bio-stimulant based on natural organic extracts of garlic for use on all garden plants, house plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits


Regular use of Garlic Wonder with its high sulphur content in a programme of treatments will stimulate growth, give vigour to plants and aid plants’ natural resistance to most fungal diseases and reduce feeding damage from a wide range of insect pests because the treated plants are healthier.  Garlic Wonder is cost effective and well proven in use by commercial growers

When used in a programme of treatments Rabitof will stimulate growth, give vigour to plants and assist plants to resist or recover from most of the communal fungal diseases and damage caused by vermin. It is suitable for use on all garden plants.



  • Garlic Wonder Rabitof has an extract of garlic. When used as directed Rabitof is safe for the environment and harmless to bees, ladybirds and other beneficial insects.
  • Keeps rabbits, deer and pigeons away from treated plants.
  • The natural solution for healthy vigorous plants.
  • Systemic and Preventative action.
  • It also stimulates growth, gives vigour to plants and assists plants to recover from most common fungal diseases.


500ml Garlic Wonder Rabitof concentrate - making 5 litres of spray.

Pack Size

500ml container.