Solufeed SF-C

Fertilizer for Strawberries and other soft fruit growing in peat compost containing robust chelated trace element package.

One of a range of specific feeds designed to cater for exact crop needs.


A fully water soluble fertilizer formulated for strawberries growing in peat based inert media; typically glasshouse strawberries growing in peat based grow-bags or troughs.

Also ideal for feeding young plants being raised prior to being planted out.


  • SF-C is a well established formulation containing all-nitrate nitrogen for  healthy growth. The sturdy level of P2O5 ensures good establishment and flowering and the K2O ensures firm, sweet fruit.  
  • The substantial level of trace elements are fully chelated (with the iron chelated by the more available DTPA)  to ensure excellent availability of all trace elements even in poor quality irrigation water.  
  • Dark blue colour indicates presence in water.  
  • Rapidly and completely soluble.  
  • High quality raw materials for maximum purity. Solufeed manufacture to ISO 9001 accredited standard ensures consistent, accurate production.

SF-C can be used satisfactorily throughout the life of the crop although the analysis is optimised for the fruiting period (flowers visible to harvest). Alternatively, a "starter feed" such as Solufeed Starter can be used for the period when the plant is making vegetative growth from planting up until flowers are visible, before switching to Solufeed SF-C for the fruiting phase of the crop.



7:12:35+4.5 MgO + TE


Nutrient Content (%)
Total nitrogen (N) of which 7.0
 - NO3-N     7.0
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 12.0 (P:5)
Potassium oxide (K2O) 35.0 (K:29)
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 4.5 (Mg: 2.8)
Boron (B)  soluble in water 0.02
Copper (Cu) (as EDTA) 0.016
Iron (Fe)  (as DTPA) 0.160
Manganese (as EDTA) 0.086
Molybdenum (Mo) soluble in water 0.001
Zinc (Zn) (as EDTA) 0.07
Calculated EC at 1 gram per litre 1.28 mS

Pack Size

20 kg sack, 50 per pallet